Why Our Storage Facility is Better Than Your Driveway!

A lot of boat and RV owners dream of the day that their favorite toy will soon be sitting in the driveway. And several hard-working folks are excited when the company they work for finally allows them to drive the commercial vehicle home on a daily basis. Nothing is more upsetting than the realization that your Home Owners Association will not allow you to park either in your own driveway.

We have plenty of space to accomodate your vehicle without forcing it into the street. All drive areas are paved, while all parking areas are limerock, keeping your stored item out of the mud and grass. Our security camera system allows you to log in to get a live view of your "Baby" 24/7. Keyless entry into the facility: Each tenant will have a key code for their use only. Tenants are allowed to access the facility anytime day or night, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Air compressor to be used at your convenience. No more low tires ruining your trip. Special Note to Commercial drivers: You are allowed to park your everyday driver in your leased parking space during the time you are utilizing your commercial vehicle for work purposes.

And, if you call or email ahead of time to make an appt, we can even get Ol’ Abner to wash your boat, RV, or vehicle so you can enjoy your day in a clean ride.

If you need to park it, we can store it: Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Personal Watercrafts, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, Equipment, Cars & Vehicles.