Black Creek Storage


Now listen'ere, none of us like rules or regulations, but in order to keep the peace 'round here, ya gotta follow a few simple ones, so do us all a favor and read the followin':

Black Creek Boat & RV Storage Inc., reserves the right to refuse to accept further lease or lease renewals from any and all persons who fail to comply with these rules and regulations and may request that their space be vacated immediately. There will be no refunds. These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.

Black Creek Boat & RV Storage, Inc. (BCBRV) is not responsible for lessee's personal property from loss by fire, theft, or any other type of casualty loss, including flooding, heavy storms, and all other "Acts of God". It is the lessee's responsibility to obtain such insurance. The lessee shall make no claim whatsoever against Black Creek Boat & RV Storage, Inc., or it's owners, in the event of a loss or damage.


Facility entry and exit is by Keypad ONLY. Each gate access code is exclusive to Tenant's use. When entering/exiting the gate, DO NOT TAILGATE. You must wait for the previous tenant if necessary, then enter your own personal ACCESS CODE for entry/exit of each vehicle.

Tenant's Guest

Tenant's visitors and guests are to be accompanied by the tenant at all times and are tenants' responsibility, which includes proper entry/exit of the premises and adheres to facility rules. Children are to remain with and be supervised by parents/guardians at all times.


Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Park in your own leased space

Do NOT park in a space other than the one specificed in your lease agreement. If someone has parked in your leased space, please call 904-282-7900. The leased space is to be used solely for parking and storage of the vehicle as described in your lease agreement. If you need to park your everyday driver in your leased space while your stored item is being used, you may do so.

Only One Parked Item Per Parking Space

Parking more than one item in one space is not allowed, and may result in eviction.

Stored items must fit in the leased space

Your vehicle/boat/RV/trailer, etc., MUST fit within the diameters of your leased space, and must not extend out of said space. This includes all bumpers, trailer hitches, antennas, and anything else that is attached or comes with your stored item. Make sure mirrors do not extend into drive aisles.

Boats, personal watercrafts, and anything that needs a trailer, must be stored on said trailer NO storage of "Junk Vehicles"

NO Vehicle Repairs Allowed

Oil changes will NOT be allowed; however, light maintenance may be permitted with permission from BCBRV owner. Please call 904-282-7900 to obtain permission.

NO living on premises

No dumping of waste

You will be charged for damages/fees caused by dumping of waste; including liquids, solids, and everyday household trash.

Keep your space clean

No junk items or garbage is allowed to remain in the space. All loose items are to be properly contained. Trash removal from your leased space is your responsibility.


The following Prohibited Items may not be stored at BCBRV:

  • Any Living Thing
  • Used Tires
  • Firearms & Explosives
  • Flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.)
  • No Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Stolen Items
  • Any item deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff of the facility
  • Any item which detrimentally affects other tenants or the facility

  • Ask Abner:

    1. What type of vehicles are allowed to be parked?
    2.  Abner Says: The largest space we offer is 12’ wide by 50’ long. If it fits, you can park it.

    3. If I lease a space to park my commercial work truck, will I be allowed to leave my personal everyday driver in it’s place while I’m at work?
    4.  Abner Says: Yes, of course! We understand the need to get to work, don’t worry about your everyday driver, it’ll be fine.

    5. How do I make a reservation?
    6.  Abner Says:  We’ve made this easy, from this website, click on Parking Selection, and follow the instructions. If you’re having any trouble, please give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help you get signed up.

    7. Do you offer yearly payment options?
    8.  Abner Says: Yes. We understand that sometimes it’s just easier to pay for the year and forget about it, so don’t worry, we’ll send you a notice when your renew date is getting close.

    9. Do I need insurance?
    10.  Abner Says: Yes, liability insurance is required.

    11. Can my lease payment be automatically charged to my credit card each Month/Year?
    12.  Abner Says: Yes. This option can be selected when you set up your online account.

    13. What type of payment do you accept
    14.  Abner Says:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checks.

    15. What type of documentation do I need in order to rent a space?
    16.  Abner Says:  A valid driver's license or Federal ID with picture. All vessels, vehicles and trailers must have a current registration and proof of liability insurance.

    17. Can I have repairs done on my item while it’s being stored?
    18.  Abner Says:  No, we don’t allow repairs, however, if you’ve got a flat that’s understandable.

    19. Can I get my boat, RV, or vehicle washed?
    20.  Abner Says:  Yes, a’course you can get her washed! I ain’t fishin’ in a dirty boat, or campin’ in a dirty camper, so I don’t expect you’d want to either. Just give us a call, or shoot on over an email, and we’ll go over prices and make ya an appointment.